Prevent Tripping Accidents by Calling Us for Stump Grinding Services

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If you're tired of ugly stumps taking up space on your property, call Guardian Tree Experts. We offer stump grinding services in Napa & Sonoma, CA and surrounding areas. We'll grind your stumps down to ground level or below so you won't have to worry about tripping hazards.

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What can you expect from our team?

When you hire us for stump removal services, you can count on our crew to:

  • Grind your stump down to ground level
  • Use purpose-built machines to remove all traces of the stump
  • Chop up the stump and turn it into wood chips
  • Fill in the hole with dirt and wood chips to promote regrowth of grass
  • Haul away any remaining debris
Discuss your need for stump removal services with an expert. Call us at 707-307-9800 now.